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How back up to USB Flash drive

USB Flash Drive
USB Flash drives (USB memory sticks) are small and lightweight removable devices connected to your computer via a USB port. The combination of high capacity, low cost, and ease of using has increased popularity of this devices for temporary saving files and exchanging data between PC.

In this article we'll review an example of using D_back software - how you can use USB flash drive as a backup storage device.

A good example of ready-to-use backup profile which is configured to back up user's Documents directory to USB Flash Drive is delivered with the program. This example is independent of your system environment, so you don't need to do any changes, only execute it and explore results:

  • Insert USB memory stick;
  • Launch backup manager (D_backm.exe);
  • Press Open button on toolbar and select profile "My_documents_to_flash.bks";
  • Press Back Up button - that will open the backup sheet. On this sheet press "Run Job" button. That's all, the program will perform the following backup job automatically without your help.
The processing protocol is displayed in the bottom part of the window. Your documents directory (usually this is c:\Documents and settings\usename\My Documents) is backed up to your Flash drive to directory \Backup. The program creates backup in a file My documents-1.zip.
Pay attention, that this example is independent of location of your documents directory and USB flash drive letter, assigned by system.

How to setup USB flash drive as backup storage wihout referring to the device drive letter

Open Config menu and navigate to General sheet:
configuring of usb flash drive as backup destination

You see, that Primary Backup directory (the directory where the program should locate backup) is {Flash}\Backup. Here {Flash} is a Macro. The program finds the drive letter, assigned to USB and replaces the macro {Flash} by this letter on data processing.

How to specify user's documents directory independent of the user, logged on

Navigate to the Files sheet. Here you creates a list of files or directories to be backed up. Double click on a single file path {My Documents} in the paths table, that will open the path's property editor:
backup of My documents

You see, that the user's documents directory is also specified as macro {My_Documents}. This macro will be substituted at execution by the path which depends on the user who has launched the program.

How you can automate backup operations with USB flash drive

Here is a good example how you can configure d_back to backup in one click, and here you can read how configure backup scheduler to start up backup when your insert usb pen drive into your PC.
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