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Backup to a remote server over the Internet by using FTP

network connection between remote FTP server and PC over the Internet

With this program you can:

  • offsite backup to FTP server any files and directories, accessible from your PC;

  • download files from FTP, and store them to any local device or network storage.

General features:

  • Fully unattended backup mode - no need of your assistance while processing. Configure the program once and forgot about after that. All ftp settings will be taken from current backup profile automatically. Backup scheduler will help you to automate regular backing up;

  • Processing of several FTP's - your backup job can operate with several FTP's simultaneously;

  • Flexible files filtering - you can select files or folders to backup from FTP by using wildcards (* ?), you can manage recursive subdirectories scanning.

  • On-the-fly compression of file transfers - if the FTP server you're using is supported on-the-fly compression (MODE Z) then the program allows you to back up of highly compressible files (such as TXT, BMP or DOC) much faster;

  • TLS /SSL support- you can use FTP servers which require Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocols (also known as FTPS protocol). That will provide privacy and data integrity of transferring files over an unprotected network (Internet);

  • Backup strategy - you can always choose the best backup type from FULL, STACK, INCREMENTAL, DIFFERENTIAL backup types, implemented in the program;

  • Resuming broken downloads - ftp downloading algorithm was designed to handle unstable network connections. If download is broken then the program tries to resume it instead of processing from beginning;

  • Verifying of uploading process - to be sure that files have been uploaded to FTP without errors, you can configure d_back to verify backup by downloading it backwards and comparing with the original one.

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