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One-click solution to back up your data

I think you have explored D_back and already created your first backup profile - it's easy, moreover, there are a lot of ready-to-use good examples which are delivered with the program.
Next it's necessary to provide an easy way to launch your backup job. In this article we'll show how you can start up backing up in one-click:

Launch backup manager (d_backm.exe) and open the backup profile you want to execute in one-click; Choose menu->File->Create Shortcut:

create shortcut for one-click backup This will create a shortcut backup profile shortcut to the backup profile on your desktop and you'll receive a confirmation message about that.

That's all you need to do. Now, to start backing up you need to double-click on the shortcut only - the program will load profile and begin to back up immediately without your assistance.

You can monitor backup activities while and after processing, because the program's window with backup log remains visible, until you close it yourself.

How it Works

If you open the shortcut's properties you can notice that the command for launching profile is:

"C:\Program Files\D_back\d_backm.exe" test.bks -run

Pay attention on -run switch in the command. This switch forces backup manager to execute backup job immediately after opening backup profile .

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