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Imagine you Insert an USB flash drive into computer and the program Back up your files automatically, without any clicks or keystrokes.
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Inserting USB Flash Drive into notebook We offer you to try our backup software - d_back.

D_back is a windows backup tool, designed to automate backing up your files to various types of storage media: CD, DVD, USB flash drives, and remote FTP servers. On processing, the program takes all settings for making backup from a single file - backup profile. You can create backup profiles yourself via backup manager, moreover, a lot of good ready-to-use examples are delivered with the program. D_back has own scheduler which is intended to launch backup jobs (backup profiles) according to your settings.

To setup backing up on inserting USB drive do the following:

* Download and Install d_back.

* Start Up scheduler.exe and install scheduler service - follow the instructions and select the appropriate item from menu.

* Press + button to create a new backup job - that will open a Command sheet. Select a backup profile, you want to automate. As an example we recommend to use My_Documents_to_flash.bks. This profile backs up all files from your My Documents directory to your USB Flash Drive:

select a profile to back up my documents to usb flash drive

* Navigate to the Schedule sheet and press + button. Here you choose the time when the job should be started. Select On Event button. In the field On Inserting media into the drive put the drive letter (for example G:) which will be assigned by system to your USB Flash on insertion:

setup scheduler to start up job on insert usb memory stick

* Press OK to save settings. That's all. Now when you insert USB, the scheduler will start up backup job automatically, without your help. As a result - you'll get a zip-compressed copy of your documents directory on the flash drive.

Several notes:

Take a look at the command to start up Job. If you did all exactly as written then the command is:

"c:\Program Files\D_back\d_back.exe" My_documents_to_flash.bks

This command starts up command-line backup utility (d_back.exe) with a backup profile as a single parameter. In this case the processing is performed in invisible mode - you don't see any results of backing up, , neither windows or messages. To check up backup activities you can browse the job's log or you can explore the flash drive. This is not always convenient.

However, there is another way to launch backup job. You can use backup manager for this. In this case the command must be:

"c:\Program Files\D_back\d_backm.exe" My_documents_to_flash.bks -run

The main advantage of this way - you see the result of backup activity, the program's window with backup log remains visible, until you close it yourself.

The parameter Only for Media with Volume Label allows you to setup startup condition selectively, depending on usb drive volume label. If this parameter is empty then the event fired on insertion of any usb flash drive. But if you defined the media label then the task will be launched when you plug in the usb flash drive with this volume label only. This allows you to configure execution of different backup jobs on the same computer depending on what media you have plugged in.

In this article we reviewed the example with USB Flash drive only. However you can create a similar task based on DVD, i.e. you can set up execution on insertion DVD (or CD) into your PC. Configuring and all settings will be the same.
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