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What's new in this version ?

Version 1.69.19

  1. Improved performance of restoring from Zip backups.

Version 1.69.18

  1. Backups with zip compression. We have improved compatibility with Winzip and Windows zip folders.

Version 1.69.17

  1. In this version we provided more flexibility for incremental and differential backup types. Now you can manage of saving old full backups on beginning of new incremental | differential backup cycle with additional conditions. For example you can save only the limited quantity of last old full backups or you can save so many old full backups to keep the limit of backup directory size.

Version 1.69.16

  1. Since this version we have added a new rule of naming backups.
    In previous versions a name of every backup object (file or directory) consisted of a backup name and a serial number delimited from each other with '-' (dash symbol). The program assigned a new serial number for each created backup object automatically, therefore all backup objects in primary backup directory had unique names.
    Now you can enable or disable adding serial number to backup name. For this purpose the checkbox "Add serial number to Backup Name" was added as an additional option to Backup Name parameter. If this option unchecked then serial number will not be added to backup name. In this case if the program creates new backup, and the backup with this name already exists in primary backup directory, then the old backup will be replaced with the new one.

    Due to this feature you can

    • create full backup with constant name or name with macro fields without serial number;
    • create stack backups which names differs by resolved macro only, without serial numbers;
    • to restore files from backups, created without serial numbers.

Version 1.69.12

  1. We have improved the program's compatibility with external command-line compressors. Now the program supports launching of external compressors via command with any characters. The previous version did not allow to use '=' character in startup command.

Version 1.69.11

  1. In this version we improved backup scheduler's feature to launch backup job when you plug in removable media.

    If your backups launches by backup scheduler, and task starting is based on event of inserting removable media, then you can schedule task execution on insertion any removable media without specifying removable drive letter or media volume label. Parameters of the plugged in removable media are passed to d_back via macro:

    • {FLASH} or {REMOVABLE} - removable drive letter;
    • {REMOVABLE_VOL} - removable media volume label;
    • {REMOVABLE_SER} - removable media serial number.

    Due to this new feature you can include removable drive, volume label or serial number into any settings where macro are allowed to use (for example backup backup name or backup directory) depending on device fired startup event.

Version 1.69.8

  1. Since this version you can install the program as a portable application on a removable storage device such as external HDD, USB flash drive or flash card. In this case you can run the program from a removable drive on any Windows computer without installation. D_back portable does not leave its files or settings on the host computer, instead, it stores its configuration files in the program's directory on external drive.

Version 1.69.6

  1. Backup profile was extended by 2 parameters. Now you can permit or forbid to create primary and secondary backup directories if they does not exist.
  2. A new macro {VOLUME:vol} was added to config parameters. This macro looks for the drive with volume name vol. If the drive is found then the program replaces macro with the drive letter with ':'. You can use this macro to specify primary or secondary backup directories by volume name without linking to the drive letter.

Version 1.69.4

  1. FTP features have been improved, Transport - level security option (TLS) have been added to FTP settings. This improvement allows you to use FTP servers which require Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocols (also known as FTPS protocol). The primary goal of the TLS Protocol is to provide privacy and data integrity of transferring files over an unprotected network (Internet).
  2. Data Transmission with Compression over FTP have been added. This option switches on on-the-fly compression of file transfers. The basic FTP protocol transfers your data as-is without compression. For highly-compressible data such as text files,scripts or office documents, this is highly inefficient. Some FTP servers introduced MODE Z command. In MODE Z, all transfers are compressed using the ZLIB compression method, making transfers of highly compressible files (such as TXT, BMP or DOC) much faster. Now the program allows you to take advantages of MODE Z feature while backing up over FTP.

Version 1.69.3

  1. In this version an e-mail management have been improved. SMTP settings are removed from backup profile, now they are stored into the separate config file - SMTPL.xml. That allowed to apply SMTP settings globally to all backup profiles, located on your computer. Transport - level security option (TLS) is added to SMTP settings. This improvement allows you to use SMTP servers which require TLS (for instance gmail).

Version 1.69.2

  1. In earlier versions there was an error when you try to restore files or directories with names contains quote or percent symbol. Another bug was found - the program couldn't restore empty directories. In the new version this bugs have been fixed.

Version 1.69.1

  1. The backup scheduler have been improved, now the program became compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server.

Version 1.68.9

In the new version of the program we have improved data restoring and burning backups to dvd features. Here are the improvements we made:
  1. In earlier versions it was impossible to restore data from backups, burned to DVD. Now this bug have been fixed and you can restore directly from DVD.
  2. There was an error, when you used Volume Shadow Service to back up opened files and burning backups to DVD simultaneously. This error have been fixed too.

Version 1.68.8

  1. In this version splitting backups into volumes have been improved. Now the program can split both zip and 7-zip backups. Format of Splitted Zip and 7-zip backups are compatible with Winzip and 7-zip file complessors. When you switch splitting on, then the program will create backup in separate subdirectory in your backup directory. You can restore files from splitted backup as well as from usual backup.
  2. If you tried to back up several paths from the same volume and switch "Back up files that are in use" ON (backup via Volume Shadow Service), then an error occured while processing in an earlier version. Now this bug have been fixed.
  3. In an earlier version, when you back up to USB flash drive, the program created temp zip file directly on usb device. That is slowed down processing especially when you back up a lot of small files to a slow USB flash drive. In the new version temp zip file is created in system temorary directory.

Version 1.68.4

  1. The new version of the program allows you to backup files even when they are open, locked or in-use. This includes Outlook files, open SQL databases, documents, etc. The program is now fully integrated with the Volume Shadow Service (VSS) on Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server and Windows Vista. Before backing up D_back calls the Volume Shadow Service (VSS) and requests the creation of a Volume Shadow Copy for the files to be copied. The shadow copy constitutes a read-only snapshot of the volume data that is read by the program during backing up. Once the Volume Shadow Copy is available, the program uses it to access the files to be copied. Other Applications can continue to access the files on the volume itself, uninterrupted by the backup. After the backup is completed, the shadow copy of the volume is deleted, because it is no longer needed.

    For details see the Microsoft tech Center information How Volume Shadow Copy Service Works.

Version 1.68.1

  1. In this version we have implemented 7-zip LZMA compression. The main advantage of this method is a highest compression ratio especially on a lot of small files. You system must have at least 1 GB memory to use 7-zip compression. The program packs all source files to a single .7z file. The backup file is fully compatible with the free 7-zip file compressor.
  2. Restoring feature have been improved. Now you can select a point in time for restoring source path to a specified date and time. When you have completed restoring, your files will be in the state it was at the specific date and time when you made backup.

Version 1.68

  1. In this version we have updated backup types, implemented in the program. The Advanced Stack backup type will no longer be supported since this version. Instead, we have improved Incremental and Differential backups which are more progressive and fast to make. Now incremental backup allows you to back up files which have been updated or added since last backing up. In previous version you could back up files that have been updated only.

    Now you can manage a cycle of Incremental or Differential backing up more flexibly. You can define four conditions when to stop making incremental | differential backups and to begin a new backup cycle with remaking of a full backup:

    • When the total volume of the incremental or differential backups will exceed N percents from the size of full backup;
    • After N Incremental or differential backups have been made;
    • After N days since last full backing up;
    • On next (Day | Week | Month | Hour | Year) since last full backing up.

Version 1.67

  1. In this verson we improved interaction with FTP. In earlier version all ftp settings are stored in a backup profile. Now the settings of each FTP site are stored in a separate config file FTPL.xml.
    For example, if you operates with one ftp via several backup profiles and want to change ftp password then, now it's not necessary to edit each backup profile. Instead you change ftp settings once, and all settings are propagated to all backup profiles automatically.

Version 1.66.7

  1. In earlier versions there were bugs in the backup scheduler. The scheduler could hardly launch tasks under the specified user's account because this account required special privilegies. Now this bug have been fixed, and requirements to privileges are lowered. This improvement essentially simplifies configuring the scheduler to start up tasks under usual user's account. The program was tested under Windows XP,2003,VISTA systems.

Version 1.66.5

  1. In this version the backup scheduler have been improved. In earlier versions the scheduler couldn't be installed in Vista. Now the program became Vista compatible, and the scheduler can be installed properly in Vista environment. You can install the schedule as a service or as background task - both variants are tested and working fine in Vista.
    One thing is not resolved in this release yet. We were compelled to build the jobs manager program (scheduler.exe) as a program with system privileges. It means that if you start up scheduler.exe to manage your backup tasks and Vista's UAC is ON then you need to confirm launching of the program. We know this is not convenient, and hope to fix the problem in the following releases.

Version 1.66.4

  1. In this version we have added a new feature to backup scheduler. Now the program can automatic launch backup job when you insert removable media. Due to this feature you can schedule backing up on inserting UBS Flash Drive or on inserting DVD. Moreover, the scheduler can permit or decline start up backups in dependence of the media volume label you've inserted. This enables you to link start up of a job with inserting of related media.

Version 1.66.2

  1. In this version a new feature of saving backups have been added. Now in addition to a primary backup directory you can configure saving backups to one or more secondary directories. Due to this improvement you can save the same backup to several directories in one backup job. This feature highly increases the safety of your data, because now you can back up to different locations by one backup profile. For example you can select secondary directories on HDD, USB flash drive or on network resource simultaneously.

    The copying backups to a secondary location is performed quite cautiously. If any secondary directory is not accessible (for any reason) then the program does not break execution. Instead d_back generates a warning message and continue backing up.

Version 1.66.1

  1. In this version we've optimized the download from FTP algorithm. Improved algorithm downloads files faster, especially, if the program downloads many small files. Diagnostic messages which are generated while downloading is made clear and simple.
  2. Some insignificant bugs were fixed in the backup manager. Now you can create primary backup directory and temporary directory from the select directory dialog - in earlier versions it was impossible.

Version 1.66

  1. In this version we have improved the realization of macros in backup profile. Now you can use macro fields in in the majority of config settings such as Primary Backup Directory, Backup Name, File Path, FTP Path, OS Commands, SUBJ, BODY. Pay attention, that now you can use macro names in paths (File Path and FTP path), this was impossible in the previous version. We have expanded a list of standard macros, and have included into it windows standard folders such as Program Files, My Documents ..etc., flash drives, envoronment variables. In the new version you can implement environment variables into backup parameters as a macro, and you can specify removable usb drive as macro without any binding to the usb drive letter. Moreover you can create your own macros.

    Due to this improvement you can create backup profiles which are maximum independent of you PC configuration. We have expanded a set of examples by new ready-to-use backup profiles with macros. All examples are included into distribution kit and documented in .chm help file.

Version 1.65.3

  1. Excellent html help with a lot of graphics. We have included 11 examples of backup profiles into distribution kit. In this examples we try to demonstrate the main features of the program. We hope this will help new users to explore the program more quick and with the minimal efforts.

Version 1.65.2

  1. In this version we have improved the backup scheduler. Now you can invoke backup manager from Jobs Manager. This will help you to edit and explore backup profile directly from the Jobs Manager program.

Version 1.65.1

  1. In this version we have improved the backup scheduler. When you try to launch the jobs manager and the scheduler service is not installed then the program offers you to install the service.

Version 1.65

  1. In this version we have redesigned the interface of the backup manager. The new interface became easier and more clearly. The new backup manager is fully compatible with the earlier developed backup profiles.

Version 1.64

  1. All earlier versions of the program require to run under the user with administrative privileges. Earlier the program stored all settings, log files in the directory where it were installed (Program Files). This is not good for providing access security to the computer. Moreover to get best compatibility with the new OS Windows Vista the application should avoid to get full access to Program Files directory and registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]. We improved the new version according to the prescribed guidelines found in the Windows Vista and Windows Server Codename "Longhorn" LOGO programs and user experience (UX) guidelines documentation. Now the new version can work under usual user account without demanding administrative privileges. All settings are saved in folders, accessible to all users C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data and registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER]..
  2. The new global parameter Backup Profiles Directory was added to the Misc Config sheet. This parameter defines the directory for saving your backup profiles (.bks files). We recommend to save profiles in a single directory, accessible for all users. Backup Profiles Directory is used by the command-line utility. If you launchs d_back.exe and specifies backup profile (.bks) without path, then the program tries to search .bks file in your current directory at first, and if it is not found then d_back searchs the file in your Backup Profiles Directory.

Version 1.63.3

  1. Some changes were made in FTP engine. The FTP upload algorithm have been improved. Now the program try to fix timeout errors on unstable TCP connections. Backup scheduler was changed. In earlier version sometimes you couldn't abort an active job. In this version this bug have been fixed. Format of scheduler logging files have been changed.

Version 1.63

  1. In this version PKZip's Zip64 support has been added. This means that the limitations on maximum zip file size (4Gb) and limitation on max. quantity of files in zip (65535) which were actual in the previous versions are are not exist now.
    You can compress up to 2 147 483 647 files into an archive. Uncompressed, Compressed, and Archive file sizes can be up to 2^63-1 bytes in length (at about 18 million terabytes). If a zip file does not extend beyond any of the PKZIP 2.04g limitations (4Gb / 65535 files) then the archive is created in old zip format, according to the PKZIP 2.04g zip file specification.

Version 1.62

  1. This version is based on the new version of backup profile. Backup manager converts old backup profiles to the new version automatically. The new backup profile is a file in XML format, UTF-8 encoding. The extension remained the same as in the old version - .bks The new profile is much more flexible than the old one. The security is highly increased in the new profile. The ftp - access passwords, compression passwords are saved in the new profile as encrypted data.

Version 1.61.4

  1. Backup logging have been improved in this version. Now the program creates a separated log file for each backing up. You can customize the logging settings for each backup profile individually. You can choose from brief or detailed log type according to your desire.
  2. The opportunities of e-mail notifications have been expanded. Now you can select the type of the notify message from Brief, Full or Detailed.
  3. Some bugs of the previous version have been fixed. Backup to FTP algorithm, have been improved. Now the resuming of broken uploads to FTP is made more reliably. The bugs were fixed in zip slicing algorithm.

Version 1.61

  1. The new rule of naming backup objects are implemented in this version. This naming rule differs from the naming rule implemented in the previous versions of D_back. Now the name of every backup object (file or directory) consists of two parts - a backup name and a serial number delimited from each other with '-' (dash symbol). The numeration of backup objects is started from 1. The program assigns the new sequent number N for each newly created backup object automatically.

  2. A new data restoring strategy is implemented in this version. The new restore sheet allows you easily to restore data from the previously made backup. The restoring process is separated into two steps - creating and testing restoring plan and actually restoring. Being once created the restore plan is saved by the program to your computer, so you should not worry to lose the earlier prepared plan - you can always invoke it for editing.

Version 1.60.2

  1. In this version we have simplified the files filtering algorithm managed via included and excluded files lists. Now if any item of included or excluded lists contains a file mask without a path name, then the file name for matching will be used without the file path. This rule essentially simplifies preparation of the included and excluded masks lists. For example to select any *.doc files from all paths in the previous version you must specify a mask *\*.doc, and in the current version *.doc. As you can see the second rule is much easier and more clearly.
  2. Some changes were made in the ftp upload algorithm. Now the program tries to reconnect to ftp and resume uploading when transferring is interrupted by any reasons.

Version 1.60.1

  1. Now D_back allows you to locate additional ftp - specific settings directly on the FTP hosts. This settings are intended to perform additional control of downloading / uploading operations from the FTP server side.

Version 1.60

  1. In this version we considerably improved files selection features. Now each backup item (file path or FTP path) can own included and excluded files list. This feature allows you to select files to be included into backup much more flexibly.
  2. This version of D_back is based on new version of backup profile. Backup manager converts old backup profiles to the new version automatically.

Version 1.58.1

  1. Multilanguage interface have been added

Version 1.58

  1. On Windows XP system the backup scheduler service now can be installed as a standard NT service or as an "auto-started background task after user log on".
  2. Now Jobs Manager shows the stdout of active tasks dynamically. This feature allows you to view the standard output stream of background task in real-time mode.
  3. Now Jobs Manager allow you to abort an active background job at any time by pressing the "Abort Button" on the main taskbar.

Version 1.57

  1. We improved FTP download algorithm. Now the program correctly download files from FTP directories, which are symbolic links of Unix file system.
  2. Some errors were fixed in CD/DVD burning engine.

Version 1.56

  1. Backup to FTP algorithm have been considerably improved. Now the program allows you to upload to FTP uncompressed and sliced backups in binary transferring mode. In the earlier versions this feature was disabled

Version 1.55

  1. We have added CD Burning feature, which gives you opportunity for using CD or DVD as an additional medium for saving backups.

Version 1.54

  1. In addition to "Native Zip compression" we have implemented "No Compression" option. This feature allows you to backup data without any compression by copying selected files and folders to destination backup directory.

Version 1.53

  1. According to the strict interpretation of the PKZIP 2.04g zip file specification, the maximum size of a single zip file is 4Gb and the maximum quantity of files is 65535 per archive. To overcome this restrictions for backing up big volumes of data we offer original zip slicing technology.

Version 1.52

  1. Differential backup type have been added. The differential backup is consists of full backup and differential copy, which includes only newly created, added or modified files since the last full backing up.

Version 1.51

  1. In early versions there were problems while uploading (downloading) from FTP files larger than 2GB. In this version we fixed this bug and now the program can operate correctly with big FTP files (larger than 4 GB).
  2. We have improved verifying of FTP upload algorithm. Now the verifying is performed after uploading to FTP without creating any temporary files while downloading data from FTP. That highly has increased the verifying speed.

Version 1.50

  1. We considerably have improved the program's interaction with the remote hosts through the Internet. The management of dialUp connections have been built-in. The new software algorithms of downloading / uploading backups to remote FTP operate more reliably at the unstable dialup cnnections. Now the program can restore the lost DialUp connection automatically while transferring files. It can also resume downloading / uploading files from the broken point and allows to verify the results of this operations.

Version 1.49

  1. Backup Scheduler have been added. This program allows to schedule unattended processing by the command-line backup utility (d_back) or to manage automatic execution of any command-line tasks on the MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP operating systems;

Version 1.48

  1. Backup to FTP feature was added;

Version 1.47

  1. The ability of using external compression programs have been added;
  2. Debugging mode have been added;
  3. Some other errors and bugs have been fixed:
    Backup manager - bug after cancelling the FTP and e-Mail transferring;

Version 1.46

  1. The ability of sending backup via e-Mail have been added;
  2. Macro in text config parameters have been added;

Version 1.45a

  1. The algorithm of the Incremental backing up for FTP have been changed;

Version 1.45

  1. Password protection of zip backups have been added;
  2. Format of the log file have been changed, the ability of viewing Log file have been added;

Version 1.44a

  1. The ability of filtering files on their modification dates have been added;

Version 1.44

  1. Incremental backup type have been added;

Version 1.43

  1. FTP Backup was added;

Version 1.41

  1. Archive creation error was fixed (backup big files);
  2. Loactions of ZipDll.dll and UnzDll.dll are changed. Now they are located in [install]/dll directory.
  3. In backup manager the button CANCEL is added. (for aborting backup)

Version 1.4

  1. Backup manager was designed;
  2. options -f added in command line backup utility

Version 1.31

  1. Format of BACKUP SET FILE is changed. Sequenced numbering lines in sections [INCLUDE] [EXCLUDE] is cancelled. The rest of any line, delimited with semicolon treates as a comment.
  2. Added possibility to execute any operating system commands with macro-fields before/after archive creation;
  3. Added possibility to notify user by e-mail about successfully or abnormal execution.
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