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Back up your files with minimal efforts

folders Backing up files is a very important part of maintaining a PC and can save a lot of hassle if ever the PC has a problem. There here are too many stories of people who have lost all of their files due to system crashes or computer viruses attacs. That's why you need to back up your important files and directories on a regular basis.

The program's primary purpose is to make a copy of your important files and save them to safe location outside of your computer. We hope that this tool will really help you to prevent data loss.

General features:

  • Data Sources (what to back up). You can select multiple files or folders to be processed in a single backup job simultaneously. Each backup item (file or folder) has own settings and can be customized independently. For each item you can set up:

    • Inclide patterns. Each file Path can own an individual list of Include (Exclude) patterns (wildcards * ? are allowed). If the Include list is not empty - then only files which are matched to any item (mask) of the list will be passed for backing up;
    • Exclude patterns. Here you can define a rules for files to be forbidden from backing up;

    • Scan Subdirs. You can switch On/Off of scanning backup item subdirectories.

    • Backup Files that are in Use or Locked. You can backup files even when they are open, locked or in-use by other programs without interrupting your current work. This feature is based on Misrosoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). VSS provides a mechanism for creating point-in-time copies of data known as 'shadow copies'. This feature is especially useful in copying exclusively locked files such as SQL DataBases, Word / Excel documents etc.

  • Backup location. Usually the program creates backups as a set of compressed files or uncompressed folders located at HDD, USB or network drives. Moreover, you can upload backup to FTP, send it via e-Mail or burn DVD with your backups. You can back up to several destinations in a single backup job.

  • Data compression. You can back up with compression (Zip,7-Zip) or without compression. The program can use any external CLI compressor (RAR, WINZIP) if any installed on your computer.

  • Data backup types. You can choose the most suitable backup strategy you would use. You can set up full, stack, incremental, differential backup types.

  • Fully automated process. The software distribution kit includes scheduler and CLI backup utility. With these tools you can set up unattended backing up and ensure that backups are done on a regular basis.

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