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Command-line backup utility.

D_back command-line backup utility is a program, which allow for computer BackUp jobs to be utilized from a command prompt or user scripts. This tool is ideal for unattended processing. The program will not prompt any input from the user during backing up. All necessary settings for backing up will be taken from a single file - backup profile, which is passed as a single parameter in the startup command.

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The Backup profile is created by the backup manager program - the main GUI backup tool. Backup manager and command-line utility are included in the same d_back distribution kit, so you do not need to make any additional payment for each product. Both programs use the same backup profile. All backup features, such as FTP backup, backup to DVD ...etc., are completely available in the command-line mode too. The execution of backup profile by the command-line utility will give the same result as the execution by the backup manager.

All diagnostics of processing (errors or warnings) are registered in a log file, therefore you will not be worried about losing the result of your backup activities - you can check it up at any time. It may be very useful for you, especially if you're using unattended backing up. Moreover the program can notify your by e-Mail about the result of any backup job automatically.

You can use this utility with the backup scheduler (or another task scheduler of the system you run) to automate creating backups on any computer running Windows.

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