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Backup to DVD or CD - what may be more reliable?

Backup to DVD/CD has become a usual solution due to increasing popularity of optical media. Using CD or DVD as backup storage is one of the best ways for reliable protection of your data.

D_back gives you an exclusive opportunity for burning backups to rewritable CD or DVD. You do not need to install any additional software for recording to DVD / CD because D_back comes with its own built-in burning engine.

DVD-R DVD+R media

General features:

  • Fully unattended processing:
    Either you're using backup manager or command-line backup utility - you will be never prompted to do any actions during the burn process. All necessary settings for automatic DVD recording are stored in your backup profile.

  • Flexible data selection:
    D_back has an incredibly versatile backup types which allow you to create a set of backups with multiple versions of your files (for example stack, incremental, differential backups). You can customize burning either all backups or the lastest created backup only;

  • Easy multisession management:
    You can choose continuing of multisession, or erasing rewritable CD | DVD every time before recording;

  • Easy management of disc overflowing:
    You can setup a new disc to be prompted to load, erasing of rewritable DVD / CD, or generate an error message in case of disc overflowing.
CD DVD burning config options
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