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What is the Backup Scheduler?

clock schedule Backup Scheduler is a tool for regular automatic executing of backup jobs at the specified time. This program allows you to schedule automatic backup by the command-line utility (d_back.exe) or schedule automatic execution of any CLI programs on MS Windows operating systems.

Backup scheduler main features:

  • Separate scheduling of job's day and time execution;
  • Scheduling of multiple start-up items in one day;
  • Supports a rich set of additional conditions for scheduling execution such as:
    • On CPU Idle;
    • On file or directory creation (deletion);
    • On removable media insertion.
  • Saving of all jobs activities (standart output) in a log files;
  • Monitoring of the scheduler service activity;
  • Debugging mode.

The backup scheduler is partitioned in two programs: Jobs manager and Scheduler service.

Jobs manager (scheduler.exe) is a windows application, which is intended for creating jobs executing profile and monitoring tasks execution results.

Scheduler service (sched_srv.exe) - is a tiny program, which runs in a background mode and executes jobs which have been defined by the Scheduler manager. Scheduler service can run as a Windows service or as a background task.

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