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Automatic backup

unattended backup files on your PC

What can happen if you have forgotten to back up your important data today? Tomorrow, for the obvious reason it can become a serious problem for you (for example if your data were lost). That's why in most cases you need to setup automatic backup, because only automatic data processing will ensure you never forgot to back up your data.

Our backup software offers the flexible solution of this problem. D_back distribution kit contains 3 independent programs which are intended to automate backup process on any computer running MS Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.

  • Backup Manager
    This is the main tool, which allows you to create a custom backup profile for further automatic backup.

  • Command line Backup Utility
    This utility is ideal for unattended backing up in a command-line mode. It uses the custom backup profile beforehand created by the backup manager as a single input parameter. The main advantage of the program that it backs data up automatically according to the backup profile without prompting any actions by the user.

  • Backup Scheduler
    The scheduler was designed to automate executing backup jobs at the specified time. It can schedule backing up by the command-line backup utility or automate execution of any command-line tasks.
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