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Back up your important files in a few easy steps:

  • Create a new backup profile
  • Select files & folders you want to back up
  • Select backup storage
  • Choose the right backup type
  • Schedule execution of your backup profile
  • That's all!

It's a lightweight, uncomplicated backup tool for both beginners and advanced users. Non-technical users can easily schedule and manage backups on own PCs. Experienced users can use the program to back up DataBases, File servers or FTP sites.
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Main features
Backup files and directories
You can backup any files or directories accessible from your PC. You can include or exclude files by using Wildcards (* ?). You can backup files even when they are open, locked or in-use.
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Ftp backup
You can backup from remote FTP as easily as from usual computer or local network. You can use one or more FTP sites as an additional storage media for saving your backups.
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Backup to DVD
Our backup software gives you an opportunity for burning backups to rewritable CD or DVD.
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Backup to USB Flash Drives
You can use USB flash drives as a device for saving backups or you can automate backing up from USB drives. The program can be configured for using USB independently of USB drive letter, mapped by system.
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A wide choice of backup strategies
Five built-in backup types (Simple, Stack, Advanced Stack, Incremental, Differential) are incredibly versatile and capable to satisfy requirements both of beginners and advanced users.
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PKZip's Zip64 support
You can compress a huge amount of files into an archive. Uncompressed, Compressed, and Archive file sizes can be larger than 4 Gb in length. If a zip file does not extend beyond any of the PKZIP 2.04g limitations (4Gb / 65535 files) then the archive is created in old zip format.
Using external file archivers
As a rule D_back creates backups in standard Zip or 7z formats. However if you have installed other compression utilities, they can be used for backing up as well.
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Protecting backups by passwords
The major compression formats support password protection. The program allows you to use this feature and offers flexible data protection strategies for various situations.
Pre and post-processing
You can specify start-up of any program before or after backing up.
Sending backups via e-Mail
In addition to a usual way of saving data to network drives or remote FTP you can send backups via e-Mail to one or more recipients;
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Backup Scheduler
The backup scheduler is a separate program, which allows you to schedule execution of the d_back command-line utility or any command-line task in automatic mode;
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Command-line backup tool
The software distribution kit contains command-line backup utility, which is intended for joint use with the backup scheduler or standard windows task schedulers for automatic data processing;
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Easy data restoring
A whole content of an archive or any files from the chosen versions of backups can be restored into a target directory.
Portable Installation on removable media
You can install the program as a portable application on a removable storage device such as external HDD, USB flash drive or flash card.
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Backup Log
You can completely check the results of your backup activities. The history of all start-ups, all diagnostic messages are registered in a log files. In addition there is a possibility to notify user by e-mail about errors or warnings of each backup job.
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